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Free, Do It Yourself, Hoop House Building Guides – Build an inexpensive hoop-style green house for your flowers, vegetables and herbs with the help of these free, online project plans and step-by-step guides.

Free Hoop House Style Greenhouse Plans and Guides

Learn how to build an inexpensive, plastic-covered hoop-arch greenhouse for your vegetable or flower garden. These online guides and project plans will help you get started today.


Instant Shed Plan Downloads

Instant Download Storage Shed Plans  These practical, attractive buildings are available in many different designs and in sizes from 8'x8' to 16'x24'. You'll find hip, gable and gambrel roof styles, cabanas, small barns, backyard cottages and more.

Free Hoop House Building Plans and Guides:

How to Build a PVC Hoop House for Your Garden  Use PVC pipe and a plastic sheet to make this inexpensive, 10'x21' greenhouse from

How to Plan Your Greenhouse  An illustrated, online guide from West Virginia State University

Build a Small Backyard Greenhouse  This illustrated, downloadable step-by-step guide from North Carolina State University will show you how to build your own 12'x14' hoop house.

Free PVC Arched Greenhouse Plans  Get free instant download plans from,, for an inexpensive hoop greenhouse project using PVC pipe. Then, click through the website section called "Submitted Pictures" for dozens of practical and fun projects and more plans created by do-it-yourself builders.

Two Layer Polyethylene Greenhouse Plans from the Canada Plan Service  This plan gives details for a plastic-covered greenhouse for farm or commercial production of transplants and bedding plants. This 25' wide arch-style greenhouse can be built at any reasonable length.


Storage Shed Building Plans -

Shed Building Plans - Download 41 Designs for just $29 Today  Build Your Own Shed, Cabana, Pool House, Shop, Backyard Studio or Mini Barn and Save a Bundle on Building Costs.

More Free Plans and Building Guides:

Six Hobby Greenhouse Construction Plans  Learn how to build a hoop house a Gothic Arch greenhouse and four other hobby greenhouses with the help of these free guides and plans from the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service.

How to Make Cloches  Build miniature hoop houses with plastic pipes and sheeting to protect your garden rows. -

How to Build a 10'x21' PVC Hoop House Follow the illustrated guide at WestSideGardener and use the online parts list to help build your own.

How to build a $50 Greenhouse Using Recycled Material  Here's a step-by-step guide at that's illustrated buy clear photographs. You can spend more and use new material too.

How to Plan Your Greenhouse  An illustrated, online guide from West Virginia State University.

Hobby Greenhouse Operations and Practices  A greenhouse can be an absorbing hobby with the satisfaction of growing fragrant flowering plants, foliage plants, ingredients for fresh-picked salads in winter, transplants for the spring garden, or bouquets of cut flowers. Learn how to use and maintain your own hobby greenhouse with the help of this free guide from the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service.

Greenhouse Growing Tips  An online guide from Mother Earth News Magazine.


DIY Pergola Builder

Instant Download Pergola Plans  Build the perfect shady pergola for your deck, with easy-to-use, instant download building plans. These attractive structures are available in fourteen sizes from 8'x10' to 16'x16'. Every plan set includes easy-to-read building plans, step-by-step building instructions, a materials list, and large scale framing details. The plans include two different design levels so you can build your pergola within your budget. Garden Bench Project Plans

Free Woodwork Project Plan, Tool, Hardware and Supply Catalog  The Rockler Woodworking and Hardware catalog features over 150 pages of great woodworking plans, hard-to-find hardware, products, tools, veneers, supplies, how-to videos and guide books. Order your free copy today.

Landscape Mason

Find Great Landscape Designers, Builders and Landscapers in Your Neighborhood  Better Homes and Gardens’ will give you fast, free quotes on all of your backyard projects from top rated contractors right in your neighborhood.


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