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1870 Kansas Farmstead Plans


Plans for the buildings on this 1870s Kansas homestead include a stone farmhouse, a stone barn, a shedrow barn, a combination smokehouse and chicken coop, a combination wash house and utility shed, and an early 1900s pole-frame wooden barn.


Kansas Farmstead Barns and Outbuildings

The Deister Farmstead is representative of a way of life on a working farm in the early years of Kansas' history. Henry Deister, who bought the farm in the late 1860s, is typical of the large number of German immigrants who settled this area in the late 19th century.

The plan set that you can print shows how the 1870 stone farmhouse changed over the years. It also includes a 26'x54', three-level stone barn, a stone shedrow barn, a combined smokehouse and chicken coop, and a combined washroom and utility shed. A later addition to the farm, a pole-frame wooden barn, is also shown. The drawings have floor plans, exterior elevations, building sections and construction details.

Use the links below to download either 8 1/2 x 11 or large scale prints of the eighteen-page plan set.


1870 Kansas Stone Farmhouse



Kansas Pole-Frame Farm Barn

Wooden Barn



Deister Farmstead Plan Set  These plans will print on 8 1/2x11 paper on most computer printers. Ledger and larger size prints can also be produced from the same file by using a large format printer. If you don't have one of those, a copy shop should be able to provide you with large scale prints. This is an eighteen-page set of drawings with multiple illustrations. It will take a few minutes to download even with the fastest Internet connection.


The Historic American Buildings Survey is a joint effort of the Library of Congress and the National Park Service. Read more about their efforts to preserve America's heritage by visiting their website: Built in America  To learn more about the farmstead shown here, search for it by its card number: KS0011. You can also see more photographs of the different outbuildings on the property by using their call number: KANS,23 STUL.V,1




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