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Why build a big shed for small garden tools, barbecue equipment, yard games and such? Here’s a bunch of free plans for little outdoor closets that you can build next to your house or garage or stand in your garden or on your porch, deck or patio.

Outdoor Closet and Backyard Storage Hutch Designs - Just click to find a dozen different outdoor closets, hutches and storage bins with free building plans. 12 Free Outdoor Closet and Backyard Storage Hutch Plans - One of these little designs might be just what you need for storage on your deck, patio or porch.

Build an Outdoor Closet with Free Plans and Do-It-Yourself Guides

Get outdoor storage without going to the trouble and expense of building or buying a big shed. These backyard closets will hold garden tools, barbecue utensils, the kids' toys and more. And, many of the designs are nice enough to look great on your deck, patio or balcony.

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Shed Plans, Prefabs and Building Kits on The Country Building Directory  Build the perfect shed or little barn for your property. Find construction blueprints, prefabs and building kits for all types of sheds, small pole barns, little pole-frame garages, all-purpose yard barns with lofts, DIY storage barns and more.

Backyard Pole Barn Plans  Build the perfect little barn for your property. Find construction blueprints for small pole barns, barn-style sheds, little pole-frame garages, all-purpose yard barns with lofts, do-it-yourself storage barns and little pole-frame country garages. Check out kits and prefabs too.

Download Dozens of Shed Plans, Right Now, for Just $29.00  Do you need a new shed? Choose from great designs and print any and all of the building plans, as often as you want, with one easy purchase. And, your cost will be less than single set of shed plans from many other websites. And, you'll have a money back guarantee.  




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