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30 Free Cabin Plans – Download and print blueprints for any of a variety of different cabins. The plans are offered for free by their architects and designers. You might just find that getaway home in the woods, fishing or hunting cabin, camp bunk house or backyard guest room that you’ve been thinking about.

30 Free Cabin Plans

Want to get away from it all and relax your time away on the front porch of your own backroad cabin? Here's an inexpensive way to get started. Download any of more than two dozen complete sets of free blueprints. Handcraft your own cabin from step-by-step building guides. Or, create your own unique cabin design with inspiration, measured drawings and details from traditional country cabins.


Log Cabin Building Blueprints at Country Plans by Natalie

Country Home Plans and Building Kits Find hundreds of beautiful designs for log and timber-frame houses, little Cape Cods and big farmhouses, green and solar homes, cabins and cottages and more.

Free Cabin Building Plans and Guides:

Tiny Front Porch Cabin

Four Free Cabin Plans  Download free plans, by, for building any of four attractive cabins. These large format blueprints may be printed and reviewed on 8 1/2"x11" computer printer paper and then printed full-scale at a commercial print shop for construction or permitting.

Front Porch Cabin Design -

Free Cabin Plans from  This pretty little cabin is perfect for your use as a backwoods getaway, a hunting or fishing lodge, a backyard office, studio or guest cottage, or as a free-standing apartment for teenagers or caretakers.

Free Cabin or Cottage Plans from

Free 160 Square Foot Cabin Plan  Designer David Noffsinger, of the Cherokee Cabin Company, created a tiny house that anyone can build. The free set of drawing includes a 1/4" floor plan, framing details, exterior elevations, foundation details and more to help you create your backroad cabin, backwoods hunting or fishing shack or backyard bunk house

Free Cabin Plans -

Free Green Cabin Blueprints   This Cabin was designed with the rural lot in mind. It is a small home that maximizes space through an open floor plan and well organized spaces. Its materials and method of construction emphasize durability and energy efficiency.

Cabin Bulding Guide -

Do It Yourself Cabin Building Guide   Build your own cabin with the help of this step-by-step building guide. This economical little house is designed for easy framing. Concrete pier footings let the cabin adapt to any terrain, including sloping, rough and rocky ground.

Small Cabin With Front Porch and Loft -

Log-Sided Cabin Plans from Cad Northwest  This 16'x24' cabin with sleeping loft is compact but has all you need. There's a full width sheltered front porch. A ladder leads to loft. The open living area is vaulted and includes a complete roomy kitchen. The bath has a shower. This would be a fun place to escape to and just relax.


Green Living Guide and Do It Yourself Solar Panel and Windmill Plans

Live Green, Save Big - Get the Green Living Kit Today  Download do it yourself plans and illustrated, step-by-step instructions that will let you build your own solar hot water heaters, photo voltaic panels, wind turbines, solar showers, solar heated hot tubs and more. One easy and inexpensive download does it all.

More Free Home Building Plans and Guides:

Two Story Cabin with Loft Lookout Porch

Free Two-Story Cabin Plans from  The 460 square foot Lookout Cabin has an unusual layout. There's a all-purpose room and a small lavatory on the first floor. Easy stairs lead up to a small bedroom, a full bathroom and a balcony on the second floor. It might make a nice vacation place for a single person. It would also be perfect as a free-standing apartment for a caretaker, teenager or college student. It might also work as your backyard office or studio.

Front Porch Cabin Blueprints -

Free Cabin and Cottage Plans from Sheldon Designs  You've probably seen architect Andy Sheldon's beautiful little cabins in home magazines and on blogs about small house designs. Now you see for yourself why he's known for careful planning and top quality drawings and details. Get your free, reduced-size versions of the construction blueprints for a variety of little houses.

Log Cabin Drawings from the Historical American Buildings Survey

Yesterday's Log Cabin Designs from the Historic American Building Survey  These eighteenth and nineteenth century log cabins are just a few samples of the hundreds of log building designs that have been preserved through the HABS. You can view photos and measured drawings of floor plans, exterior elevations and construction details.

Southern Cabin Construction Drawings -

Four Southern Cabin Designs  Download free design plans and building details for southern cabin style homes from Louisiana State University's AgCenter.

More Cabin Designs: Download free design plans and building details for some practical small cabins and attractive small log homes from North Dakota State University Agricultural Extension Service:  Log Cabin Designs  Small Cabin Designs  A-Frame Cabin Designs


Walnut Coach House Garage Built in Missouri

Pole-Frame Garage, Barn and Shop Plans  Complete your cabin with an inexpensive, pole-frame garage, workshop or all-purpose barn. View photographs of models built in all areas of the U.S. and Canada, select the size and layout that works for you, and order architect-designed blueprints.

Shed Plans, Prefabs and Kits  Build a great shed in your backyard with one of these project plans, building kits, pre-manufactured sheds, guide books and building resources. Select from basic storage sheds, garden sheds, mini barns, backyard studios and playhouses.


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Do It Yourself SolarPanel and Wind Turbine Building Plans

Enjoy Free Energy Forever  Get free electricity from the sun and wind. Build your own inexpensive wind turbine generators and solar panels. Get plans, do it yourself instructions and how-to videos today.

Cottage and Cabin Building Blueprints

Backroad Home and Outbuilding Plans  Choose from a large variety of country buildings: cabins, barns, cottages, garages, rental and camp cabins, sheds and garage apartments by some of America's best known country designers.

Home Builder at Work

Find a Great Builder  Get fast, free quotes from top rated contractors right in your neighborhood. Get three or four bids on any home repair, renovation or building project. Choose the best bid and save a fortune. The pros at Better Homes and Garden's can help you with any home building or renovation project or any repairs around your home.

Backyard Storage Shed

Download Dozens of Shed Plans, Right Now, for Just $29.00  Do you need a new shed? Now, you can choose from 41 great designs and print all of the building plans, as often as you want, with one easy purchase. And, your cost will be less than single set of shed plans from many other websites. This plan set comes with a complete money back guarantee.

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