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Building Plans @Today's Plans:  Get Free Plans and Building Guides to Help You Create a New Shed, Cabin, Playhouse, Playground, Barn, Garage, Gazebo, Cottage, Pergola, Solar Home, Chicken Coop or Country Outbuilding.

1,500+ Free Building Plans and DIY Guides are Yours Online Today

Find 98 Free Shed Plans

98 Free Shed Plans and Free DIY Building Guides  These free do-it-yourself guidebooks and building blueprints can show you how easy it is to build your own shed. What you'll learn here can save you a fortune and help you create the perfect storage building, garden shed, tool shed, fire wood shed or small barn for your backyard. 

Find More Than 800 Backyard Improvement Project Plans

800+ Free DIY Backyard Project Plans and Guides  Get great gazebo, arbor, pergola, deck, shed, playground, playhouse, dog house, birdhouse and outdoor furniture designs and building guides that you can use for free. Download yours and print them from your computer right now. Get started with your backyard project today.

Find 182 Free Cabin, Cottage and Small House Plans

182 Free Home, Cottage and Cabin Blueprints and Do-It-Yourself Construction Guides Select from dozens of designs for small houses, cabins, cottages and solar homes. Find helpful building advice, supplies and resources.

Find 117 Free Barn and Outbuilding Plans

117 Free Barn Plans, Outbuilding Plans, Farm Barn Designs, DIY Projects and Building Guides  These free building manuals and blueprints can help you construct your own small barn, tractor shed, barn-style garage, pole barn, horse barn or equipment shelter. 

Find Free Deck Plans and DIY Building Guides

Free Deck Plans, Projects and Building Lessons: Learn How to Build Your Deck and Deck Furniture  These free building guides and downloadable blueprints will help you create a beautiful, durable custom deck that will let you enjoy your backyard while adding value to your home and property.

Find 71 Free Garage, Carport and Workshop Building Plans

71 Free Garage, Workshop and Carport Plans and Free DIY Building Guides  These free online guidebooks, downloadable construction blueprints and project plans can help you create a great new garage, workshop or carport. Save money on plans. See how to build all or part of your project yourself, or learn enough to understand the process and follow your contractor's work. 

Find Free Solar, Green and Energy Efficient Home Plans

110 Free Solar Home Plans, Green and Energy Efficient Home Plans, Projects and Guides These free guidebooks and building plans can show you how to create an efficient home that saves energy and takes advantage of free energy from the sun, the wind and the earth.

Find Free Playhouse, Club House, Treehouse and Playground Building Plans

28 Free Playhouse Plans, Treehouse Plans, Children's Projects, Playground Plans and Building Guides  These blueprints and guidebooks can teach you how to create an exciting backyard play project for your children or your grandchildren.

Find 109 Free Small House Plans

109 Free Small Home Plans, Cabin Plans, Cottage Designs and Do-It-Yourself Building Guides  These free blueprints and building lessons can help you build an economical, small, energy efficient home for your future. Select from over sixty small home designs to plan your retirement cottage, getaway cabin, guest house or rental unit.

Find Hundreds of Country Outbuilding Plans

Free Outbuilding Plans, Do It Yourself Projects and Building Guides  Build your own practical outbuildings for your homestead, small farm or backyard. Find hundreds of great designs for chicken coops, smokehouses, workshops, greenhouses, potting sheds, cold frames, small storage barns and more.


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