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Hobby Help @Today's Plans: Get Free Project Plans, Patterns, Step-by-Step Instructions and Great Ideas to Help You Craft Wood, Draw, Paint, Photograph, Garden, Create Projects for Your Kids and More.

Find Thousands of Free Hobby Plans, Patterns, Lessons, How-to Demonstrations and Do It Yourself Guides Online Today

Find Free Woodwork Project Plans and How-To Guides

Download Thousand's of Free Woodwork Project Plans and Guide Books  Get started on a great new hobby or a rewarding craft. Or, expand your skills with more challenging woodwork projects. These free expert guidebooks and project plans will help you learn how while creating beautiful gifts, home furnishings and home improvements.

Print Free Do It Yourself Coloring Pages

Free Printable Coloring Pages  Some people claim that coloring intricate patterns is therapeutic. That might be so. But, at the very least, coloring is a fun way to relax and be creative at the same time. Here are some unusual, printable coloring pages that will both entertain you and challenge you to create beautiful images with colored pencils, crayons, markers, pastels or paints.

Find Hundreds of Free Gardening and Landscaping How-To Lessons

Free Do It Yourself Garden and Landscape Project Plans and Guides   Improve your landscape and garden. Here are some do-it-yourself plans and some good advice that should help. You'll find free plans for greenhouses, water gardens, cold frames, compost bins, garden carts, potting benches, planters, fences, gates and much more.

Find Hundreds of Free Painting Lessons

Learn How to Paint Start on a creative and rewarding new hobby by teaching yourself how to paint, or improve your existing skills. Learn how to work with watercolors, acrylics, pastels or oil paints. Set your own pace as you work at home with free, professional, online demonstrations, videos and eBooks from top art magazines and web sites.

Find More Than 1,000 Free Photography Lessons

1,000+ Free Photography Lessons  Learn how to take beautiful, top quality photographs or how to improve your photography skills with help from these free online lessons and demonstrations. Get priceless advice, hints and tips from top professional photographers about portraiture, studio photography, product photos, vacation shots and capturing moments with friends and family.

Follow any of more than 1,000 free drawing lessons

1,000+ Free Do It Yourself Drawing Lessons and How-to Demonstrations  Learn how to draw. Start a creative new hobby or rekindle your smoldering talent. Teach your kids how to illustrate their homework projects or just how to have fun with cartoons. Learn everything from quick sketching to the fine art of detailed, realistic pencil drawing.


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