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Free Playground Plans Ė Download plans for swing sets, see-saws, play towers, slides and sandboxes that your kids will love. Get the plans and the DIY guides that youíll need to build them yourself.

Free Playground Plans

Download free, DIY building plans for a variety of kids' wooden swing sets, playgrounds, slides, see-saws, outdoor gym sets, sand boxes and more.


Playground Kits from Detailed Play Systems

Playgrounds and Play Sets  Thrill your favorite child with a great new play house, playground or swing set  Build it yourself with one of these easy-to-assemble building kits or do-it-yourself plans. Or, let somebody else do the work. Have a beautiful, customized playhouse delivered right to your backyard.

Free Playground Building Plans and Guides:

Free Do-It-Yourself Play Center Building Plans from Rona of Canada  Building a children's playground structure in your yard is sure to bring your kids endless hours of fun. Get your own free plan for a kids' activity center and a material's list.

Kids' Wooden Playset Plans  Print a nine page plan set for a great backyard playground from The project includes a 5'x5' tower with a canvas roof, a sandbox, a slide, two swings, a child safety swing and outrigger swing. The plans are complete with building instructions, a materials list and sources for the swings and play equipment.

Build a Kids Play Structure  Put together a play structure where kids can dream away the summer! Full plans, illustrated instructions and building details are included in a great article by Dan Michie at Canadian Home Workshop.


Cool Houseplans Playhouse Plans

Playhouses: Plans, Prefabs and Building Kits  Thrill your kids with a great new play house or play cabin. Build it yourself with one of these easy-to-assemble building kits or do-it-yourself plans, or order it pre-built and delivered right to your backyard.

More Free Playground Plans and Guides:

Combination Play Fort and Swing Set  This combination fort and swing set offers children a range of play activities. This entire structure can be built in one or two days, at a cost of about $900 in materials. Free plans, material lists and building instructions are provided by DIY Network.

A Portable See-saw from Things To Build  Learn how to make a clever portable see-saw using a 2x8 plank, 2x3 center support, a bit of concrete and an old car tire. This online building guide will show you how with clear photos and instructions.

Sand Box and SeeSaw  This sandbox, with corner seats and a canvas cover, is one of the simplest playground projects to build. Free plans, material lists and building instructions are provided by DIY Network.

Play Equipment Plans US Department of Agriculture  Download Cooperative Extension plans for an outdoor gym set, a sandbox, a teeter board, a rocking board, a child's chair swing, a play wagon and a playground slide.

Home Playground Safety Checklist  Make your backyard a safe place to play. This brochure, by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission offers a checklist to help insure that your home playground is safe for your kids.

25 Free Backyard Playground Plans for Kids: Playsets, Swingsets, Teeter Totters and More  Itís time to build your kids the ultimate backyard playground! This plan collection, from, will get your kids off the couch and out playing in the fresh air.

Coming Soon - More Free Play Structure and Playhouse Project Plans


Do It Yourself Play Fort Building Plans

DIY Playcenter Plans  Build this combination Playhouse/Swingset yourself with easy plans, a materials list and step-by-step instructions from


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Do It Yourself Play Cabin Building Plans

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