Free Garage and Workshop Plans


Free Two-Car Garage Plans


Use the free Oakville Garage Plans to build your new one, two, or three-car garage or combination garage and workshop.  A big, bright loft adds extra storage space to all of the configurations.


Free One-Car Garage Plans Start with a sturdy one-car garage with a full storage loft. Then add an extra garage to either side to have a two-car garage like the one shown above.
Three-Car Garage Building Plans Add garages to both sides for an elegant, coach house style, three-car garage.
Free Workshop Building Plans Or, add shed-roof extensions to either or both sides for extra storage space or to turn your garage into an efficient woodshop, hobby shop or auto repair workshop.


The free Oakville plan set allows you to build a 16' wide one-car garage now and expand it later. Or, you can build your garage with two or three parking bays right away. Or, add side storage sheds or workshops. The extra bays are easy-to-build shed-roof structures. You can match your home's materials and build your garage at 24,' 26' or 28' deep. The plans come with a variety of options and add-ons that let you customize your garage now or in the future. With all of the options, you'll be able to create any of more than a dozen different layouts and have the perfect garage or workshop for your needs.


All layouts include a storage loft, over the Main Garage, with access by pull-down stairs.


Oakville Garage and Workshop Floor Plan


Floor Plan



Heights: Main Garage Ridge Height - 20'-4", Main Garage Side-Wall Height - 12'-0", Main Garage Ceiling Height - 8'-5", Loft Height at center: 7'-8", Loft Height at the eave side outside walls: 2'-8", Expansion Shed Side-Wall Height - 8'-1", Roof Pitch of Main Garage: 12/12, Roof Pitch of Expansion Sheds: 3/12

Mean Roof Height: 16' (Most Building Departments will accept the Mean Roof Height as the overall height for sloped roof buildings)

Doors: Overhead garage doors are 8' wide and 7' high.


One-Car Garage Building Areas: 16'x24' - 384 SF, 16'x26' - 416 SF, 16'x28' - 448 SF

Expansion Shed Building Areas: 12'x24' - 288 SF, 12'x26' - 312 SF, 12'x28' - 336 SF


What's Included on the plans?


1/4" Scale Floor Plans

1/4" Scale Roof and Loft Framing Plans

1/4" Scale Exterior Elevations

1/4" Scale Building Section

Builder's Specifications


3/4" Scale Wall Sections

1" Scale Footing Details

Structural Frame Isometric

Door & Window Framing Details

Expansion Garage Drawings


The plan set that you'll receive includes optional foundation and slab details to suit your needs. They include drawings for a variety of options and expansion sheds. Material lists may be printed here:

Make sure that your computer has an up-to-date copy of Adobe Reader installed. Most new computers do. You'll need Adobe Reader to download this set of plans. To get a free copy or to update your old version, just click on this button: 



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