Free Pole Frame or Post-Frame Barn Building Plans from the MidWest Plan Service


These free downloadable plans for pole barns and utility buildings are sponsored by the US Department of Agriculture.


30' Pole Utility Building, MWPS-72055
This building uses 4"x 12' and 5"x 15' pole sizes placed 16' on center. It's open on one side and can be used to shelter that livestock, vehicles or equipment.

24' Pole Utility Building, MWPS-72054
This building uses 4"x 12' and 5"x 15' pole sizes placed 16' on center. It's open on one side and can be used for livestock, vehicles or equipment.

42' Wide Pole Utility Building, MWPS-72050
This building is designed for livestock housing, crop storage, machinery storage or other uses not requiring insulation.

24' Frame Utility Building, MWPS-72044
This building has concrete foundation, floor and apron and uses 6'x6' posts, 2'x8' girders and 1/2' plywood bracing.  The Midwest Plans Service, at Iowa State University, is a publishing cooperative dedicated to disseminating practical and affordable agricultural publications that support the missions of twelve mid-west land-grant universities and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.


Their web site makes available 8 1/2" x 11" conceptual plans for practical barns, storage buildings and farm structures. The plans can be helpful in developing building layouts and selecting equipment for various agricultural applications. These are older plans that do not necessarily represent the most current technology or the most recent construction theories. They are not construction plans and do not replace the need for competent design assistance in developing safe, legal, and well-functioning buildings.

Buildings must resist various forces from snow, wind, and use. They also must adhere to local building and zoning codes. A local building inspector, engineer, building supplier, or building contractor can help you determine what is a safe and legal facility for your area.


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