Free Chicken Coop and Hutch Plans from Purina Mills

Download do-it-yourself building plans and a material list for a simple coop for eight hens.


Free Chicken Coop and Hutch Plans from Purina Mills (Photo:


This coop accommodates 8 full size chickens or 12 bantams. By doubling all length dimensions, a larger version can be built to hold up to 16 full size chickens or 24 bantams.

Download the Plans

Print the Material List

Chickens are not particular about their accommodations, but will be happier, healthier and more productive when given protection from extremes of heat and cold, security from predators and a dry, draft free place to roost for the night. In addition, your layers will need a cozy space to go when it's time to lay their eggs.

Your poultry quarters should also provide for your needs as caretaker when it comes time to feed, water, collect eggs and clean the coop and change the litter. This little coop makes it easy.


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