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Old Sandstone and Wood Smokehouse

Smokehouse Designs from the Historic American Building Survey 

View photos of a variety of different smoke houses from the early 1700s on. Then, print free plans, exterior elevations, building sections and construction details. You'll find meat smoking and salting houses built from wood, stone, brick and logs.


These eighteenth and nineteenth century buildings are samples of the hundreds of practical outbuilding designs that have been preserved through the HABS.


1825 Tomas Black Smokehouse, Monmouth Road, Jobstown vicinity, Burlington, NJ 

Card #NJ0341

This finely crafted little building has an adjacent fire chamber and pipe vents. The smoke and heat of the fire could be maintained and adjusted without opening the door to the meat hanging area.


Pioneer Farmstead Meat House, U.S. Route 441 Cherokee vicinity, Swain, NC

CARD #NC0085

Simple log-frame Meat Houses like this one were used both to salt and to smoke meat.


1757 Tallman Smoke House, Long Crossing Road, Moorestown, Burlington County, NJ

CARD #NJ0350

This two-story stone outbuilding has fire area on the lower level and meat storage above. Smoke can move up through open slots between the upper level floor boards. The Tallmans could maintain and adjust the smoke and heat of the fire without opening the door to the meat hanging area.


1826 Jacob Zabriskie Farm Smokehouse, South Paramus Road, Paramus, Bergen, NJ

CARD #NJ0257

This attractive sandstone and wood outbuilding was the smokehouse for the historic Zabriskie farm. It has a big stone fire hearth and brick chimney and plenty of room for hanging meat.


1830 Eayres-Githens Farm Smokehouse and Outhouse, Eayrestown, Burlington, NJ

CARD #NJ0333

This combination smokehouse and outhouse was carefully crafted of brick on a stone foundation. It was built sometime between 1789 and 1830 for the Eayres family farm. Before indoor plumbing and health codes, the combination must have seemed like a good idea.


The Historic American Building Survey is a joint effort of the Library of Congress and the National Park Service. Read more about their efforts to preserve America's heritage by visiting their website: Built in America  To learn more about any of the designs listed here, search for it by its card number. Then, explore the vast and ever-growing HABS collection to view related building designs.




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